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Six Most Important Things To Do List

Bonus Assignments
50 points for each new appointment you booked today
100 points for each guest who attends the sales  meeting
100 points for each interview held and a sheet handed in
100 points for every face you do at a facial or class.
500 points for each new recruit.
50 points for coaching one hostess today.
100 points for reading a motivational book or listen to a tape daily for at least (15 minutes)
20 points for passing out a business card/sample and getting a name.
1 point for every dollar of product sold today.
1 point for every dollar of wholesale product ordered today.
50 points for writing an update on your Pacesetters Experience on the Dynasty Message Board.
50 points for calling your Director (once per week)

Six Most Important Things To Do Today List

Mary Kay taught us this concept. She had learned how valuable it was to make a list every night before leaving your office of the six most important things you must do the next day. When you get to work the next day, you have focus and a goal and can get right to work. You start with the first one (the most important one) and complete it. Then you start on the next one. Even if you don't get them all finished, you know that at least you got the most important ones finished.

The reasons we do a 6 most important list:
The list is made the day before so it enables us to plan our workday.  
We get up for our Mary Kay day with a focus for accomplishment.
The satisfaction of getting the list completed.
Discipline daily. Success is one day at a time.
Setting work standards for ourselves to follow.

When working at a “job” we know exactly what needs to be done that day.  For example:  A person working must accomplish their duties in the time allotted. A doctor must book his operating time. He knows when he's going to arrive, who his patient will be. The patient is prepped and waiting. They have booked the necessary staff and he knows roughly how long the operation will take.  There is very little left up to chance.  

If you start the day without a plan. most of your day is wasted!

Choose the most important thing and put it in front of you. Clear all other things so you can FOCUS on that one important thing!  All things you are doing must be to get that one thing done!!


1. Book 3 classes.
2. Follow Up on Guest from Monday Meeting
3. Call ___ for interview.
4. Call 5 customer service calls.
5. Prepare Hostess packets for classes booked
6. Set goals for this quarter, (Star consultant, gold medal, on track for car etc.)

Day 2-6 most important things

1. Book 3 classes to complete Perfect Start
2. Call 5 customers
3. Prepare Recruiting packets for classes.
4. Ask a guest for Monday Meeting.
5. Hand out 5 business cards/ ballots with names/ beauty books etc.
6. Call a women's group arrange to do a class for them.

Can you see that the 6 most important list is more productive when we include growth items.  Doing paper work is really not a 6 most important thing, or chatting with a sister consultant or reading motivational books.  These are things that may be important, but not the 6 most important.  

IS WHAT I'M DOING RIGHT NOW TAKING ME WHERE I WANT TO GO? If not, than it doesn't belong on your 6 most important things.  Hopefully this helps us to continue to grow and to make the MOST USE of the 6 most important things.  Your challenge for this week is to e-mail me your 6 most important things tonight for tomorrow!! When you write them down tonight just send me  a copy of what you plan to do tomorrow!!!  I know you will grow from doing this….please let me know if you accept this week's challenge….just e-mail me tonight and I'LL  know that you're “UP” for the challenge!!!