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Office of the Week
You're the Prize Patrol!!

Do this once a week and you'll never run out of names. Work the names full circle and your business will continue to grow!

Select an office that you do business with or one that has impressed you with good customer service to get started. Then use the businesses that were nominated by the previous offices.

Call and use this script or adjust the script for booking in person. You are the Prize Patrol! You select the office! Smile while you are talking and remember--it's all about making them feel good!  They do deserve some recognition!

The success in this lies solely in your attitude!  Get positive; choose to be positive!  It's your decision!

Sound breezy and excited, then pick up the phone and go!

"Hi! One quick question--how many women work in your office?  Five? Oh my gosh, that's perfect!!  Guess what! You all have been selected as Office of the Week!  

"I'm with Mary Kay and every week we choose a different office to drop off goodie
bags for all the women that are working!  We thank them for their hard work and give them a chance to win a shopping spree.  This week, you've been selected!  Isn't that fun?"

"Will everyone be there tomorrow?  What time will they all be around?  Great!  I want to make sure I have enough for everyone!"

"Again, my name is ________ and you can count on me to be there on ____________!  See you then and congratulations again!"

Offer everyone a chance to win a shopping spree, redeemable at an appointment with you. You want the opportunity to give them a facial.  Use the $25 or $50 Shopping Spree registration. (Be sure to take the forms to Office Max or Kinko's to be put into a tear-off pad.  It looks very professional this way and only costs about a dollar.)

Invite everyone to enter without using a yes/no question.  (i.e. "Here's your entry form.  Don't forget to enter. Jot down your name and number for a chance to win.")

You should be in and out of the office within 3 to 5 minutes. Pick up the registrations right then, if you can.  Or make arrangements to come back in 30 minutes or later in the day to pick up your basket and entry forms.

Call one Grand Prize Winner and at least 4 runner-ups.  You can have one winner from each office, or you can combine a couple of offices for one winner.

Use the Million Dollar Booking Script for all calls.  USE IT WORD FOR WORD!  These words work!!

Goodie Bags must look cute! But don't waste time.  Cello bags or snack size zip loc bags.  Hire someone to make them for you!
hard candy adds some weight to the bag
some chocolate--every girl loves chocolate!
a sample (mascara sample or a hand cream sample)
your business card
tied with a cute pink bow  

Entry forms must look professional. Again, I urge you to get them padded, if possible.

Professional Dress--Don't even think about doing this unless you look as professional (if not more!), than the place of business where you are going.  Read business attire, hose, closed-toed heels, Mary Kay face and a smile!  The idea is to look so GREAT that everyone will say, "Whoa! Did you see the Mary Kay lady??"

Leave a Congratulations Certificate for the business. Great advertising for you.

Have fun!