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Mascara Club
Thank you Director Jean Cooper for this super idea. Jean has 400 women in her "Mascara Club". Here is how it works:

Every time you sell a mascara, offer her a chance to join your elite "Mascara Club". The customer pays for 3 mascaras, on-the-spot, and she'll receive "today's" mascara 'FREE'. She'll receive the next 3 mascaras at the rate of 1 every 3 months for a year. That amounts to a 25% discount for doing very little for the guaranteed sale. This also opens the door for you to call her 3 times that year and say, "I'm sending out your new mascara today with a Beauty Book. Shall I also send a refill for your freshner (or whatever you think she might need)? What else is on your Mary Kay shopping list...?"

Mascara Club Promotional Card--this one allows you to edit your name in Word
Mascara Club Customer Card--give this one to your customer to carry in her wallet. Even if she loses it, you'll have records and will deliver on schedule. Boulevard Software can prompt you to make the delivery, or write it into your datebook.
Mascara Profile--you can find out what type of mascara she needs--flawless, waterproof, or endless performance. I don't know who to credit this profile to. I don't think it came with the Mascara Club e-mail. It was just in my files, but thought that it could go along nicely with the Mascara Club idea.