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Product Knowledge
Communication Skills
Personality Training
Velocity Ideas and Tips 
On the Go
Warm Chatter Booking
 Booking Tips Audio--NSD Auri Hathaway
Building Customers
Activity Tracking Form (Bubble Sheet)
Customer Service
New! Digital Business Card--perfect to text to customers
Attitude and Motivation
Overcoming Objections
Money Management
Holiday Sales Ideas
Valentines Day
New! Valentine Gift Ideas 2013--Melinda Balling
2004 Holiday Handbook--thx K Hoffman, D Valles
Tax Information
Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence: Help Our Customers

Video Training
New! Packing Your Starter Kit for a Party--3 part video (29-32)
   New! Customer Product List for organizing paper work (as talked about in video)
Produck Knowledge
Go Give Spirit
Wish List for Classes--thx Australian Dir Sharon Richardson
Collection Previews
Beauty Menu--by Monica Goubeaux
Recruiting Papers
Recruiting Help
Hostess Coaching and Credit
Mary Kay Image
Leadership and Growth
Donna's Dynasty Career Paths
Vibe Tracking Sheet--by Tammey Grable-Newton
Sales Ideas
Time Management
Success Tips