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Candy Bar Marketing
Candy Bars:  pictures of the candy, so you don't have to buy the candy. Print on card stock

This is a great idea I picked up from NSD Renee Hackleman at Career Conference Director's Meeting. What a great way to share our marketing plan in a fun, low-key way. Find candy that is packaged in the small "fun" size or bite-size variety.  Bag all your candy in a small ziplock and have it ready for each appointment.

At your class, between closing the basic and beginning color, stop for a "candy break!"
Tell your guests that since every woman loves chocolate and candy, you brought some along for a little candy break! Tell them that the candy reminds you a lot about Mary Kay and you'd like to share those things with them.  Hold up each piece of candy and describe it.  At the end, quiz them on each candy and whoever gets it right first gets that candy bar. They have fun!

Twizzlers--(Flexiblity) The ability to work your own hours, working around your family and other jobs.

$1,000 Grand Bar- (unlimited income)
 Any amount you are willing to work for--from having just that little extra income to making a career income of a half million dollars a year.

 Lifesavers (The Mary Kay products)
Are lifesavers to women's skin. They are the #1 Best Selling Brand in the USA and you get your products at a wholesale cost.

Milky Way Bar (The sky is the limit--No limits on this business)
We have no territories, no quotas, no glass ceilings. Go anywhere in the USA to do your business. You decided how fast and how high you want to go.

M&M's (Meetings and Motivation)
In Mary Kay, you'll have ongoing support and training. Even if you don't know anything about skin care or color, we'll give you all the training you'll need to do this business.

Big Red Gum-(RED is a very important color in Mary Kay this year)
Red is all about promoting you. In Mary Kay you promote yourself and give yourself a raise when you want to. 4%, 9% & 13% commissions are paid to you every month from the company for each personal Team members wholesale orders. Could you get excited about a $50 bonus for each new qualified personal team member you share this opportunity with?

3 Musketeers (Mary Kay priorities)
Mary Kay founded her Company so women could put Faith first, Family second, and their Career third. And...on the concept of the Golden Rule.

 Starburst (Prizes & recognition)
Mary Kay believed that women deserve and would work for praise and  recognition. Aren't most women overworked, over stressed, underpaid, and unappreciated? Well, Mary Kay has many prize programs. Do you love to win things? Our Star Consultants win prizes like jewelry, china, crystal. Mary Kay also awards the use of FREE company cars!! Grand AM's. Grand Prix's, and Pink Cadillac's!

Smarties (Tax advantages)
Uncle Sam takes enough of our dollars. Wouldn't it be smart to take advantage of all the in home business tax breaks that are available to you as a self-employed business person?

Almond Joy-(Friends)
Oh the joy of friendships you'll make in this business. It's also such a joy to love the people you work with. Because you are self-employed, you get to pick and choose the people you work with and that makes the job even more fun.

"Extra" Gum (Lots of Extras in Mary Kay)
Like the personal growth you will experience, the self-esteem and self-confidence you will gain. Andů, many, many other intangibles.

As you can see, there are quite a variety of reasons to start your own
Mary Kay business....

Mary Kay always said, "There's a new beauty consultant sitting at every class. I wonder which one of you it is today. Watch what I do, and if it looks intriguing, ask me about it after our class."