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 Faith hears the inaudible, sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and receives the impossible.
On-line since 1998
In compliance with legal guidelines regarding a Unit Website, our
web site is now password- protected.

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How to receive the password:
(12/18/05) According to the Legal Department at Mary Kay, I am able to give out the password to my website. However, I am only allowed to give it to MK consultants and directors, so to prove that you are, you must send me your personal MK web address. (ex.

Please follow these directions to receive the password:
Have a MK personal website. Apply for this web site at Intouch under My Customers.
Send me your web address.
Please be accurate with this.  I've had all sorts of things that make it very difficult and time consuming to verify.  Make sure it begins with the www. (don't just do the " name"...make sure the www. is at the beginning.)
Make sure you have put dots where they belong and that you haven't accidentally put a comma (which has happened ALOT!)
The web address needs to be in the BODY of the letter (where you write me a letter).
Make sure you are sending me your WEB address and NOT your MK e-mail address.  If it has the @ in it (, do not send it. It must begin with the
If you have spam blocker on your email, where I would have to reply a 2nd time, I will just delete it.  I do not have time to reply and fill in a little code thing to give you my password. So sorry.
Send your password request to  If you don't receive a response from me within one day, please report it here.